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  1. White Teardrop Flower Beaded Earrings
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  3. Multi Color Raffia Ball Drop Earrings
  4. Flower Beaded Disk Earrings
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  5. Gummy Bear Necklace
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  7. Silver Horseshoe Earrings
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  8. Green and Blue Jockey Uniform Earrings
  9. Derby Mint Julep Earrings
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  10. Gold Beaded Horseshoe and Flower Earrings
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  11. Teardrop Glass & Knot Headband
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  12. Gold Metallic Headband
  13. Smiley Face Patch Earrings
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  14. Daisy Embroidery Patch Earrings
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  15. Pink Metallic Headband
  16. Wrapped Flower Wire Earrings